Summer Fun

This year we decided to trade our regular Mammoth trip for a trip to Sequoia National Park. I had never seen the Sequoias and was taken with them the whole time. They really are huge! We got to stay in the Holden's new RV and it was a treat to be nice and warm every night. We also got to hang out with Jenny's new boyfriend Josh who was very nice and helpful the entire trip. It was fun to camp, have no cell phone service, enjoy God's creation, and some good family fun around the campfire each night.
Hiking by a waterfall on the way to the cave.
We got this crazy idea to try to get all of us on the 2 person float. It was comical from beginning to end and a great memory. However, any time I thought we were coming close to the rapids I would say, "Panic, panic." All I really wanted to do was jump off, but luckily Jake was there to keep me on the floaty.
The whole Holden clan (including Josh) on the last day of our trip. What a fun week to remember!
New York, New York! Tammi and I decided to splurge and use our summer to visit New York City. Tammi did a great job using the maps to plan out our 4 days and we definitely saw just about everything! Here we are at LAX about to depart. :) Jake was a good sport and dropped and picked us up from the airport.
Serendipity! I love frozen hot chocolate and can't wait until I get to have it again. The mint flavor was delcious!
On our way back from Serendipity and Time Square we got caught in a huge rain storm. Who knew rain could actually get you wet? Us Californians have no idea. :)
Empire State Building.
My personal favorite on the trip: The Statue of Liberty. I was in awe of her the whole time. What an amazing American icon. It was well worth the hour wait in the security line.

TV, Fireplace, and the Butlers

Tadaaa....finished. David did an amazing job and Jake was an excellent assistant. Now we officially have our TV over the fireplace. Horray!

P.S. Sorry this is out of order. Scroll to the bottom for the correct sequence. What can I say? Don't try to clean and update the blog at the same time :)
Putting on the TV wall mount.
You're almost done honey!!
Now that's what I call a drill!
Hmmm... what tool should I use from my handy tool bag??
The first couple cuts into the wall brought good news. I guess the cable was already in the wall so we didn't have to cut a hole in our bedroom to feed the cable line in. That left David and Jake with less work. Yeay!

Happy 29th!

Since my b-day was on a Monday and I am lucky enough to have the summers off, Tammi and I went to Disneyland to celebrate. I picked California Adventure as my park of choice and had so much fun spending the day at the Happiest Place on Earth! Tammi did the driving and decorated her car for my b-day... what a great best friend!
One of the funniest moments was parking at D-land. I joked with the parking attendant and she not only gave me a "Happy B-Day" button, but also gave Tammi one with an arrow pointing at my button. All day, ride attendants were asking us about our buttons and one guy even called us the Birthday Twins. We ate up all the attention (and Tam was a good sport) !
We both got drenched on the rapids ride, why did we want to go on it????

Ready for home!
Joanna and Tammi

Friday I had a pedicure b-day party. It was very fun and relaxing. We all sat on the patio, soaked our feet, painted our toes, and ate dessert. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and a husband who let me have them over. It was a fun night.
Stephanie and Sarah
Jen and Tanya
Amy and Rechelle
Cindy and Me!
Our toes came out pretty cute! I bet you can spot mine...they are the infamous "finger toes".

Happy 2 Year Anniversary!

We are so thankful for 2 years of abundence in marriage! We praise God for how He has blessed us in our marriage and in our relationship with Him. We look forward to many more!

1 Corinthians 16: 13-14
"Be on your guard; stand firm in the faith; be men of courage; be strong. Do everything in love."

Blog Catch Up

Well, my Blogging Friends I have been a serious Blogger slacker! It's been months since I've updated our blog, but now with school out and summer underway, I am on it! So here are some pictures to catch you up on our lives the last few months. :)

I did it! I am now an official master of Education. Hooray! Look at my proud husband! I couldn't have finished without all of his love, support, encouragement, and grocery shopping. :) He is amazing!
Joanna, Sarah, and Candice came to the hooding ceremony. I love my friends!
I got to see Rachel and Brenton after the graduation- I know she doesn't like this pic, but it's all I have. Sorry, Rach!
Joanna was an amazing encouragement throughout the year!

After the graduation, the next day we celebrated Mother's Day. For Mother's Day we packed a picnic breakfast and ate at a park near by our home. I found Mother's Day t-shirts at Old Navy and my siblings, Jenny, and Jake were nice enough to indulge me for our moms. It was too funny seeing us all wear our shirts. It was a beautiful day and nice to sit and enjoy our families.
All the sibs together!
Viva Las Vegas! Jake and I packed the car this week and headed to Vegas for 3 days to celebrate our anniversary, my b-day, and finishing my masters. We toured the hotels, watched the Bellagio's fountain shows, and ate yummy food. Our new favorite dessert: Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity. It was so yummy we ate it 2 nights in a row!

The ceiling in the lobby at the Bellagio. Just breathtaking!

Jake and I also splurged and saw "O"at the Bellagio Friday night. It was an amazing show and well worth every penny spent to sit so close! We even got a little wet!

What you didn't learn in college...

Click on "HQ" in the lower right corner after video begins playing for better quality.

Easter and Friends

Friday, Tammy, Sophia, and Ashley came up and visited. We had fun going to lunch, waiting forever at Home Depot, and watching Miss Sophia walking. Her funny faces are a crack up. Thank you for driving up for the day...I love us!
Joanna and James welcomed their sweet baby- Tyler James on Wed. He was actually born on his due date! We had fun stopping by the hospital to get a chance to hold him. What a joy!

Rechelle, Claire, and I had a blast taking a stroll to a new restaurant and eating yummy frozen yogurt. Delish! The best part of the day was watching Claire eat a lemon. Her face was too cute!

Jake made me an Easter basket and hid it so I had to find it. He knows I love any fun surprise that's interactive. Thank you, Husband!

I love my sister-in-law!

Doesn't Jake look handsome in his tie?

Connie, Jake, and Jenny

Fixing, painting, and yes, moving in!

So it's been 4 weeks of fixing up the new place, packing, and moving in. Before we moved, with the help of our family and friends, we painted every room in the house (even the baseboards thanks to my mom). Every color turned out great except for our bathroom. Apparently "Calming Retreat" is pseudo for light pink. Since I'm over painting at the moment, it's going to stay for the time being. Thanks to our amazing family and friends we are settling into our new home and getting used to the neighborhood. We appreciate everyone's help SO much! Thank you!
Before the 30 trips to Home Depot, hours of painting, pipes breaking, cleaning, packing, moving, and settling in. We're so thankful... and still are. :)
I love my husband..he is a cute dork!
What a happy little painter (or maybe a messy one)!
I think the shirt says it all.
This was the end of weekend 1- yes, we're still smiling.

Before we painted, we primed the walls.
Here we are on weekend 2. Jake had tunnel vision most of the time, but once in a while I got a laugh out of him.

Jenny painted the bathroom, spare room, and the kitchen. She was amazing!

Connie did an awesome job on the kitchen!
Painting the living room with Gary and Jake.
I decided to paint the fire place a deep brown. However, I think it turned out too close to "poop" brown. As we get furniture in, I think it might look a little better. Any feedback would be appreciated. :)

Weekend 3: Moving in! Here are the girls taking time out for a spontaneous dance party!

Jordan of course took a picture of himself. He looks well rested and ready for more work!