TV, Fireplace, and the Butlers

Tadaaa....finished. David did an amazing job and Jake was an excellent assistant. Now we officially have our TV over the fireplace. Horray!

P.S. Sorry this is out of order. Scroll to the bottom for the correct sequence. What can I say? Don't try to clean and update the blog at the same time :)
Putting on the TV wall mount.
You're almost done honey!!
Now that's what I call a drill!
Hmmm... what tool should I use from my handy tool bag??
The first couple cuts into the wall brought good news. I guess the cable was already in the wall so we didn't have to cut a hole in our bedroom to feed the cable line in. That left David and Jake with less work. Yeay!

Happy 29th!

Since my b-day was on a Monday and I am lucky enough to have the summers off, Tammi and I went to Disneyland to celebrate. I picked California Adventure as my park of choice and had so much fun spending the day at the Happiest Place on Earth! Tammi did the driving and decorated her car for my b-day... what a great best friend!
One of the funniest moments was parking at D-land. I joked with the parking attendant and she not only gave me a "Happy B-Day" button, but also gave Tammi one with an arrow pointing at my button. All day, ride attendants were asking us about our buttons and one guy even called us the Birthday Twins. We ate up all the attention (and Tam was a good sport) !
We both got drenched on the rapids ride, why did we want to go on it????

Ready for home!
Joanna and Tammi

Friday I had a pedicure b-day party. It was very fun and relaxing. We all sat on the patio, soaked our feet, painted our toes, and ate dessert. I am blessed to have such wonderful friends and a husband who let me have them over. It was a fun night.
Stephanie and Sarah
Jen and Tanya
Amy and Rechelle
Cindy and Me!
Our toes came out pretty cute! I bet you can spot mine...they are the infamous "finger toes".