Cupcake Apron Party

So my friend Tammi and I are really into hostess aprons and have been looking for a reason to wear our fun aprons from sommer designs: For an excuse to show them off, we hosted a cupcake party for our Bible Study girls and had fun decorating while wearing our adorable aprons. I know most men will never understand, but at least my husband supports my antics (as long as he got to eat a cupcake he was happy). :)

Morning Hunt

One of my favorite pastimes is duck hunting. Sitting in the marsh under the pre-dawn light before shooting time brings both peace and excitement. The air gets colder just before the sun rises, which is a phenomenon that probably has a scientific explanation, but why ruin the mystery. Being out in the duck blind filters out worries and creates space for life's more important thoughts. The pictures you see were from a recent hunt with my dad to an area called San Jacinto. It was a beautiful day with the icy wind blowing off the snow-capped mountains. I love being outdoors and look forward to many more days in the field.

A Tale of Christmas

This Christmas Jake and I hit the road for a Family Christmas marathon. We drove up to my mom's house in Santa Maria and spent Christmas Eve eating a special breakfast, opening gifts, having my extended family over for dinner, and then seeing a movie. Then we woke up on Christmas said our good byes and got on the road for San Diego. We arrived safely (thank you God) in the rain storm and headed with Jake's family to his grandma and grandpa's house. We enjoyed the evening eating a delicious roast dinner and being entertained by Jake's cousin's daughter who is a little over a year old. Her dancing was the hit of the night! Finally, the next day we celebrated Christmas with Jake's mom, dad, and sister. Having a special breakfast, opening gifts, and enjoying the day together. After all the fun, I became stir crazy, so Jake and I took his dog Shasta for a walk and then went to my favorite store: Target. We had a wonderful Christmas and are overwhelmingly blessed by our families. Thank you to everyone for making Christmas so special! Here are some pics of Christmas 2008! Jake was kind enough to hold up each tree for me as I picked the best one. Finally, I was satisfied enough to make a decision. That of course made Mr. Holden very happy. :)
Hosing it off before bringing it inside.
The finished product. Tada!
The only picture Jake and I took together during the Christmas season. I failed as the picture taker this year.
Jordan snuggling with his gift.
Noel, looking cute on Christmas Eve after opening gifts.
Hostess aprons! Taryn got my mom the cute vintage green apron, and my mom got me the polka dot, pink apron for Christmas. I love it!
So if you didn't already know, Jake's new hobby (much to my detriment) is smoking pipes. He is all into it. I on the other hand, I hate the idea. But as marriage is about compromise, I am learning to accept it. So, here is my husband looking like Old Man River, smoking his pipe on Christmas Eve.

Brother bonding time. My brother Jordan unfortunately encourages Jake's new hobby.

And of course, my mom had to get in on the action as well. She laughed so hard she inhaled the smoke and then proceeded to have a coughing fit. Oh, mom.

This is Jake's cousin's daughter, Shayla. She delighted us on Christmas with her joy, and especially her dancing. What a cutie!

Jake with his sister's cat Harley. We bought him an antler hat which of course he loved.

This is Jake's family dog- Shasta. She is so cute! And yes, I know I look like I'm choking her, but I am not. She wanted to continue on our walk and not stop for pictures. :)