The Great Park...

We decided to change up date night and go and check out the Great Park that was formally the El Toro Air Force base. It was their last night of concerts in the park and they are still giving rides on their huge hot air balloon. We had fun people watching, looking around, looking at future plans for the park (they're going to have a pizza garden, how fun is that?), and listening to some pretty boring blue grass. Now, I normally like blue grass, but this music was a little more classical and yes, it actually put me to sleep. All in all we had fun hanging out together, taking a break from HW and chores, and doing something out of the ordinary.

Waiting in line for the air balloon that we didn't go on. Sad story:(

At the park, they also had some strange entertainment. One act was these people flying model airplanes on sticks while humming on kazoos. Bizarre,right? I thought it was quite strange. Also, they had those people in what appears to be pillow sacks. They walked around posing and rolling around. Personally,they creeped me out, and I think nobody knew how to respond to them. Like I said interesting, very interesting.

Entertaining myself and Jake as always.
The big, orange, hot air balloon- I wasn't kidding. :)
A fun date night out!
Tammi joined us the 2nd day...and gave us some of her sass and competition!

Disneyland dorks!

We love California Adventure!


To help us celebrate our 1st anniversary Jake's parents kindly gave us 2 day tickets to Disneyland. We both had fun going on old rides and new ones waiting about 10 min per ride all day. How cool is that? We also both came to some realizations about Disneyland in general. One, my body (particularly my neck) is not as forgiving when it comes to jerky roller coasters. Second, do not go on the Matterhorn. Even if your memories seem fond, skip it, it hurts! Third, why do you buy anything at Disneyland, it's way over priced (except for ice cream and Dole pineapple soft serve..delicious- thank you Tammi!)? Finally, what is the point of purchasing and trading those collecting pins that you wear around your neck? I just don't get it. On a happier note, Jake had never been to California Adventure, and he loved it! His favorite ride was Soaring Over California, mine was the new Toy Story ride. We had a blast over there. One last shout out to Disneyland is for their fireworks show. They just do it right, enough said.