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Well, my Blogging Friends I have been a serious Blogger slacker! It's been months since I've updated our blog, but now with school out and summer underway, I am on it! So here are some pictures to catch you up on our lives the last few months. :)

I did it! I am now an official master of Education. Hooray! Look at my proud husband! I couldn't have finished without all of his love, support, encouragement, and grocery shopping. :) He is amazing!
Joanna, Sarah, and Candice came to the hooding ceremony. I love my friends!
I got to see Rachel and Brenton after the graduation- I know she doesn't like this pic, but it's all I have. Sorry, Rach!
Joanna was an amazing encouragement throughout the year!

After the graduation, the next day we celebrated Mother's Day. For Mother's Day we packed a picnic breakfast and ate at a park near by our home. I found Mother's Day t-shirts at Old Navy and my siblings, Jenny, and Jake were nice enough to indulge me for our moms. It was too funny seeing us all wear our shirts. It was a beautiful day and nice to sit and enjoy our families.
All the sibs together!
Viva Las Vegas! Jake and I packed the car this week and headed to Vegas for 3 days to celebrate our anniversary, my b-day, and finishing my masters. We toured the hotels, watched the Bellagio's fountain shows, and ate yummy food. Our new favorite dessert: Frozen Hot Chocolate at Serendipity. It was so yummy we ate it 2 nights in a row!

The ceiling in the lobby at the Bellagio. Just breathtaking!

Jake and I also splurged and saw "O"at the Bellagio Friday night. It was an amazing show and well worth every penny spent to sit so close! We even got a little wet!

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The Fesslers said...

Wait! There's a Serendipity in Las Vegas? We're going next week--I must know where it is!

And I agree that O is amazing. The best Cirque de Solei (sp?) show in my opinion.

I love your blog update, and I love that I have a picture with you at your masters graduation :)

Miss you friend!