For Halloween we went over to the Bringard's house for some Halloween fun. Our friend Cody had the idea that everyone should dress up as a song- which guessing each other's costumes turned out to be very entertaining. We had an "Amish Paradise", "Under the Bridge", "Ice, Ice, Baby", a "Rhinestone Cowboy" and more creative ideas. Jake was "Sunshine on my Shoulders" and I was "Calendar Girl". Thanks to the Bringard's for hosting and for the yummy food and games.


Jake and I had date night Sat. and after dinner we saw the movie Fireproof. The movie was very good, had a wonderful message and one that needs to be heard. I know Christian movies are sometimes a little cheesy, but this one is pretty decent and the message makes it worth it. My heart was truly blessed to see and hear marriage and Jesus uplifted by truth. Go see it:) Money and time well spent!

P.S. Coming from a divorced family myself, I know there are some marriages that are meant to end for Biblical reasons-this movie's message gives hope that Jesus can help marriages make it through hard times.