What if this Christmas...

Tammi's B-day Prom Dress Extravaganza!

Tammi's b-day inspired a night out with the girls to re-wear an old prom dress or bridesmaid dress and go bowling. We had a fun time freezing in our strapless dresses and trying to bowl with full length skirts. It was definitely a fun night to remember. Happy birthday, Tam!
My prom date!
I love Tammi Joy!
Getting ready to bowl!
Cindy is too cute!
Bowling in my bridesmaid dress... hey I bowled a 103- not bad! :)
Putting our feet up after a successful night of bowling!

Blog Catch Up...

Now here's a happy shopper.
And...uncontrollable laughter. I love my family!

My mom's holiday Christmas card (pre-laughing).


My Aunt Mary's mean old cat, Kelly. She has it out for me. I know it.
Mom and her Thanksgiving hat. She is a nut! And I love her spunk- :)