Summer Fun

This year we decided to trade our regular Mammoth trip for a trip to Sequoia National Park. I had never seen the Sequoias and was taken with them the whole time. They really are huge! We got to stay in the Holden's new RV and it was a treat to be nice and warm every night. We also got to hang out with Jenny's new boyfriend Josh who was very nice and helpful the entire trip. It was fun to camp, have no cell phone service, enjoy God's creation, and some good family fun around the campfire each night.
Hiking by a waterfall on the way to the cave.
We got this crazy idea to try to get all of us on the 2 person float. It was comical from beginning to end and a great memory. However, any time I thought we were coming close to the rapids I would say, "Panic, panic." All I really wanted to do was jump off, but luckily Jake was there to keep me on the floaty.
The whole Holden clan (including Josh) on the last day of our trip. What a fun week to remember!
New York, New York! Tammi and I decided to splurge and use our summer to visit New York City. Tammi did a great job using the maps to plan out our 4 days and we definitely saw just about everything! Here we are at LAX about to depart. :) Jake was a good sport and dropped and picked us up from the airport.
Serendipity! I love frozen hot chocolate and can't wait until I get to have it again. The mint flavor was delcious!
On our way back from Serendipity and Time Square we got caught in a huge rain storm. Who knew rain could actually get you wet? Us Californians have no idea. :)
Empire State Building.
My personal favorite on the trip: The Statue of Liberty. I was in awe of her the whole time. What an amazing American icon. It was well worth the hour wait in the security line.


The Fesslers said...

New York! How fun to go, and with Tammie too! Looks like you had a great time!

The McDowells said...

Hey Amber,

You need to update your blog! Hope things are going well.

Leslie said...

AMBER! I feel better seeing that you have not updated your blog in ages either. ;) I just now did, after about 13 months. hahaha

Fill us all in on your life! You have lots of time these days to blog!!

Leslie said...

Okay, I updated my blog, it's time for you to update yours! Post lots of fun pictures and videos of Karis so Katie can see them!! :)

Love you.