Easter and Friends

Friday, Tammy, Sophia, and Ashley came up and visited. We had fun going to lunch, waiting forever at Home Depot, and watching Miss Sophia walking. Her funny faces are a crack up. Thank you for driving up for the day...I love us!
Joanna and James welcomed their sweet baby- Tyler James on Wed. He was actually born on his due date! We had fun stopping by the hospital to get a chance to hold him. What a joy!

Rechelle, Claire, and I had a blast taking a stroll to a new restaurant and eating yummy frozen yogurt. Delish! The best part of the day was watching Claire eat a lemon. Her face was too cute!

Jake made me an Easter basket and hid it so I had to find it. He knows I love any fun surprise that's interactive. Thank you, Husband!

I love my sister-in-law!

Doesn't Jake look handsome in his tie?

Connie, Jake, and Jenny

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Leslie and Michael said...

Aw, Joanna's baby looks precious! I want to see more photos of him. :)