Welcome to our new condo located in Lake Forest in the Foothill Ranch area. We are giving Jesus all the glory and praise for making this gift possible. He lead and guided us to this cozy condo and made it happen in perfect timing. We are overwhelmingly blessed by Him and by all of our family and dear friends' prayers and support. Thank you! You are welcome to our new home any time and for any reason!
This is our amazing realtor Don Hall (http://www.firstteam.com/OfficeDetails.aspx?ofc=185). He is a wonderful man with great wisdom, patience, and compassion. We are indebted to him for helping make this condo a reality. If you need a realtor, he truly is a great man and fellow believer. Thank you Don!

Soaking up the moment.

The sliding glass door leads out to the back porch.

Our one of a kind gas fire place. Ooohhh, ahhhh...We are thinking since the living room is small, we'll mount a flatscreen above it. We'll see how far the budget stretches. :) On a side note the gray paint has got to go.The kitchen is the first area you see when you walk in the door- after looking at a lot of short sales I am excited about these cabinets. They aren't too bad at all.

This is our main living room/dining room area which extends to a cement back porch. Of course we have an amazing, one of a kind view of the parking lot:). We are keeping the floors since they are in such good condition, but hopefully re-tiling the kitchen and bathrooms. Again, we'll wait and see how far our savings for repairs goes. The two bedrooms and bathrooms are nothing special, but perfect for our needs. Right now we have a one bedroom place, so the extra bedroom is a treat. It will also be home to the infamous blue recliner. Sorry Jake, you can recline in the office.