What if this Christmas...

Tammi's B-day Prom Dress Extravaganza!

Tammi's b-day inspired a night out with the girls to re-wear an old prom dress or bridesmaid dress and go bowling. We had a fun time freezing in our strapless dresses and trying to bowl with full length skirts. It was definitely a fun night to remember. Happy birthday, Tam!
My prom date!
I love Tammi Joy!
Getting ready to bowl!
Cindy is too cute!
Bowling in my bridesmaid dress... hey I bowled a 103- not bad! :)
Putting our feet up after a successful night of bowling!

Blog Catch Up...

Now here's a happy shopper.
And...uncontrollable laughter. I love my family!

My mom's holiday Christmas card (pre-laughing).


My Aunt Mary's mean old cat, Kelly. She has it out for me. I know it.
Mom and her Thanksgiving hat. She is a nut! And I love her spunk- :)


For Halloween we went over to the Bringard's house for some Halloween fun. Our friend Cody had the idea that everyone should dress up as a song- which guessing each other's costumes turned out to be very entertaining. We had an "Amish Paradise", "Under the Bridge", "Ice, Ice, Baby", a "Rhinestone Cowboy" and more creative ideas. Jake was "Sunshine on my Shoulders" and I was "Calendar Girl". Thanks to the Bringard's for hosting and for the yummy food and games.


Jake and I had date night Sat. and after dinner we saw the movie Fireproof. The movie was very good, had a wonderful message and one that needs to be heard. I know Christian movies are sometimes a little cheesy, but this one is pretty decent and the message makes it worth it. My heart was truly blessed to see and hear marriage and Jesus uplifted by truth. Go see it:) Money and time well spent!

P.S. Coming from a divorced family myself, I know there are some marriages that are meant to end for Biblical reasons-this movie's message gives hope that Jesus can help marriages make it through hard times.

Distractions From Homework

So, I have basically used fall as an excuse to decorate and to be distracted from my homework. Last Sunday I took time out from work, to get all my fall things out from the garage, put it all together, and make the house look warm and cozy. I bought the fall leaves with the lights from Target as my special splurge. At night I turn them on and just feel happy about fall! My second distraction from homework is phone calls. I'll be typing away on the computer or reading some text and my phone rings. Right away I bolt to get my phone and am so thankful to whoever calls me and gives me a couple of minutes away from homework. Pretty much I am easily distracted. I just can't wait for this Master's thing to be over with. :) Oh, well onward I go.

The Great Park...

We decided to change up date night and go and check out the Great Park that was formally the El Toro Air Force base. It was their last night of concerts in the park and they are still giving rides on their huge hot air balloon. We had fun people watching, looking around, looking at future plans for the park (they're going to have a pizza garden, how fun is that?), and listening to some pretty boring blue grass. Now, I normally like blue grass, but this music was a little more classical and yes, it actually put me to sleep. All in all we had fun hanging out together, taking a break from HW and chores, and doing something out of the ordinary.

Waiting in line for the air balloon that we didn't go on. Sad story:(

At the park, they also had some strange entertainment. One act was these people flying model airplanes on sticks while humming on kazoos. Bizarre,right? I thought it was quite strange. Also, they had those people in what appears to be pillow sacks. They walked around posing and rolling around. Personally,they creeped me out, and I think nobody knew how to respond to them. Like I said interesting, very interesting.

Entertaining myself and Jake as always.
The big, orange, hot air balloon- I wasn't kidding. :)
A fun date night out!
Tammi joined us the 2nd day...and gave us some of her sass and competition!

Disneyland dorks!

We love California Adventure!


To help us celebrate our 1st anniversary Jake's parents kindly gave us 2 day tickets to Disneyland. We both had fun going on old rides and new ones waiting about 10 min per ride all day. How cool is that? We also both came to some realizations about Disneyland in general. One, my body (particularly my neck) is not as forgiving when it comes to jerky roller coasters. Second, do not go on the Matterhorn. Even if your memories seem fond, skip it, it hurts! Third, why do you buy anything at Disneyland, it's way over priced (except for ice cream and Dole pineapple soft serve..delicious- thank you Tammi!)? Finally, what is the point of purchasing and trading those collecting pins that you wear around your neck? I just don't get it. On a happier note, Jake had never been to California Adventure, and he loved it! His favorite ride was Soaring Over California, mine was the new Toy Story ride. We had a blast over there. One last shout out to Disneyland is for their fireworks show. They just do it right, enough said.

My 12th Bridesmaid

My dear friend Cindy found out a while back that I had 11 bridesmaids in my wedding (What can I say, I love my friends!) Anyway, she joked that if she knew me when I was getting married that she would be my 12th bridesmaid. Sadly, last Thursday was Cindy's last time at our Life Group because she is off to Nursing school starting Wed. in L.A. So as a good bye present I made her a card with her face attached to one of my bridesmaids so she could officially be my 12th bridesmaid. I have to say that it turned out pretty funny. Our Life Group is sad to see her go. She is full of light, joy, and truly the love of Christ. I will miss her!
Saturday, I was so happy to be able to get together with my college girlfriends for a very belated b-day celebration. I was blessed to catch up with Joanna, Candice, and Sarah (Rachel we missed you!), eat some yummy Panera, and just relax. Here I am with a few of my gifts. The apron is from Sommer Designs (http://www.sommerdesigns.com/) one of my new finds via Tammi's sister. She makes too cute for words hostess aprons, purses, and other fabulous fun items. All in all it was a wonderful day and the perfect birthday for me. Friends, food, and lots of talking. :)

The battery died...

This morning we got into Jake's truck and it wouldn't start. So Jake went to the auto parts store after church and got a new battery. Then the battery wasn't right. So Jake went back to the auto parts store and got another one. After the battery change, Jake realized he also blew a fuse, so back to the auto parts store he went for the third time. Needless to say, the car has started! Good job Jake!


Monday, I had a coupon for a box dinner from Macaroni Grill that you can find at the grocery store. All I had to do was buy chicken, and dinner was supposedly ready. Although I was a little skeptical, after making the meal and doing a taste test, Jake and I decided we will definitely make it again. It was very good, and not a bad price (about $6). The only draw back is that the meal is really for only 2 people. Basically, I thought I would share a good meal idea. :) Enjoy!

Jake is now a licensed, professional engineer!

We found out Sat. night that Jake passed his PE exam. All that hard work definitely paid off. I am soooooo proud him! P.S. The calculator was his idea:)

A bike ride and the OC Fair...

This weekend we filled our time off with a fun bike ride and a trip to the OC Fair. Saturday afternoon we headed out on our bikes to the Incredible Edible Park in Irvine, only to find out the park is not edible at all. Although we couldn't pick the veggies, I guess they are picked and given to poor people. Oh, well! So we rode back empty handed, but had a good time anyway. After our bike ride we got ready for the OC Fair. Joanna and James were nice enough to invite us and treat us with their free tickets. We enjoyed looking at all the fried food, people watching, and seeing some amazing performances. I somehow managed to spill our lemon slushie all over myself, no surprise there. :) We saw a man blowing glass, a Japanese drum group, and my personal favorite, the Peking Acrobats. They were amazing. I took a couple pictures, but they didn't come out. It was a fun night, but we were ready to come home and go to bed. I start school this week, so it was my last weekend free from work. I'm sure I will have stories to come about that.
We ended our evening with a chocolate frosted cupcake with pink sprinkles. Delish!
This was the hugest onion I have ever seen!
Joanna, Dana, and Sarah at the OC fair.
My bike Penelope is ready to go!
Jake's pumping up the tires.

Our vacation was not complete without camping for 2 nights in the Grand Tetons. We settled at the Signal Hill campground on Jackson Lake. Jake swam in the lake, we went canoeing, and both enjoyed the beautiful scenery.
Here is his big catch!
Finally, the man gets to fish. After river rafting we headed to the Gallatin River to give Jake a chance to fly fish. He was so happy!

We waited for a half an hour for Old Faithful to be well... faithful. Afterwards we got a much deserved ice cream from the general store. That became a daily tradition. I love vacation!
Next, we stopped in Salt Lake City to see the Mormon Tabernacle.
The cows were a little too close for me!